House System

House System
The school follows the House System for Competitions and Co-Curricular activities. Each House has its own colour flag and Houses are follows:

RAVI  –  Red

BEAS – Blue

JHELUM – Green 

SUTLEJ - Yellow

Each house is led by a House In-charge ably assisted by an elected Captain. Prefects are chosen from each House to assist the Captain.
The numerous Inter-House Competitions and activities develop a competitive spirit and healthy team-work among all the House students. The sense of belongingness, responsible behaviour and leadership qualities are also enhanced among the students which are important qualities to achieve success in life.
Inter-House Competitions are organized regularly to promote healthy competition among the students and also to bring out their talent to the fore. Each House is awarded points on the basis of their Performance. These points are cumulative and form the basis of displaying the House Flags.